The Keys
Imagine if you had been chosen of God to receive the keys to the kingdom of heaven as Peter, Matt 16:19. Then also with the keys, open the door of salvation with a message and a plan of hope for the church dispensation, Acts 2:14-41. What an honor to be the master of  ceremony in the power of the Holy Ghost and in agreement with the other eleven apostles who were present.
  Let's give you a chance and see what the outcome would be. Let's say you had just preached Acts 2:14-36 and everyone was under conviction and asked you what to do. They need a plan that will forgive them of their sins and redeem them. You must help them now! Their eternity depends on the message you give them. If you filled in the 38th verse, how would it read ?
  Acts 2:37 Now when they heard this, they were pricked in their heart and said unto "YOU" and the rest of the apostles, men and brethren, what shall we do ?
38.Then "YOU" said unto them ????
  At this point how would you use the keys that were entrusted to you ? Remember, Jesus gave you the authority to give the only salvation plan for this church age. Would the Bible have to be rewritten at your command to these people and all those who follow or do you agree that Peter's message was exactly right? Do you use Peter's divinely inspired message when you tell someone how to be saved or have you obeyed it ? If not, do you presume that God has chosen you or anyone else to receive more revelation than Peter and the other apostles who sat and learned at Jesus' feet for three and one half years and also after the resurrection ? Maybe Peter was mistaken about what to say. ... Maybe he was joking with these  people. ... Or maybe he directly disobeyed Jesus' command in Matt28:19. Maybe being filled with the Holy Ghost confused him and the other apostles but not those who cannot bring themselves to proclaim this key message.
  I too at one time found that I was not aware of this glorious truth. As a denominal minister, I as Paul, Gal. 2:2 had to check what I was preaching for salvation against the reputable apostles so I wouldn't be running in vain. That is when I found I was not preaching their salvation message. Praise God I now do !
  Acts 2:38 Then Peter said unto them, repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
  Peter used the keys and gave us this message that saved those who obeyed it, the number of about three thousand souls that day. If you use a different message, then you are depending on different keys. There would be nothing more disappointing than to find out that we did not have the right key when we stand at the gate on judgment day and also gave others the wrong key. Acts 2:38, The right message then, the right message now. The first of many conversions took place that day. The first message had to be a model to which all others are judged. If one could add or take away from it then the implications are staggering and the souls of those that day are in jeopardy. All statements in the Bible concerning salvation must ultimately hinge on faith in Jesus Christ as the savior and this message of discourse that gives us a remedy for our sins by obedience and allows us to be adopted into the family of God by his Spirit. If Peter was wrong then all those souls that day are lost, even now. Since he was perfectly right, our sins are loosed by his message, if we obey it, and our sins are bound by the same message, if we do not obey it according to the declaration of Jesus, Matt 16:19. If your salvation message by itself deletes any part of this first message then you have departed from the original true keys of salvation.
If you believe Peter's message then you must believe on the Lord Jesus, accept Jesus as your personal savior, and by grace do we have this salvation plan. By grace through faith are we saved through
this operation of repentance, baptism in Jesus' name and being filled with the Holy Ghost as found in Acts 2:38. God foreknew those who would obey this and predestined them to conform to the image of His dear son. As Jesus said in John 3:5 we are born of the water and the spirit.
I wrote this to help all that read it see how Acts 2:38 does not contradict any statement of salvation but other statements alone could and do diminish its message.
 ... The Apostles Doctrine ... Trust it and be saved and also those who hear you. 1Tim.4:16
By Bro. Ed Forman
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