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Reaching everywhere for Gods' Children today.

 Preachers are called to teach what the apostles of  Jesus taught.....

nothing more and nothing less. Someone asked who were the apostles. First there were 12.

Twelve Apostles

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The Twelve Apostles ( a person sent forth/sent out) were men that according to the Synoptic Gospels and Christian tradition, were chosen from among the disciples (students) of Jesus for a mission....Judaism had an office known as apostle. In Islam, the Qur'an called The Twelve Apostles ''The Gospel of Mark states that Jesus initially sent out these twelve in pairs to towns in Galilee. Literal readings of the text state that their initial instructions were to heal the sick and drive out demons, and in the Gospel of Matthew to raise the dead, but some scholars read this more metaphorically as instructions to heal the spiritually sick and thus to drive away wicked behaviour. They are also instructed to: "take nothing for their journey, except a mere staff — no bread, no bag, no money in their belt — but to wear sandals; and He added, "Do not put on two tunics." (NASB), and that if any town rejects them they ought to shake the dust off their feet as they leave, a gesture which some scholars think was meant as a contemptuous threat. Their carrying of just a staff (Matthew and Luke say not even a staff) is sometimes given as the reason for the use by Christian Bishops of a staff of office, in those denominations that believe they maintain an apostolic succession. Later in the Gospel narratives the Twelve Apostles are described as having been commissioned to preach the Gospel to the world, regardless of whether Jew or Gentile.

This was part of God's plan for you!

Bro. Ed Forman

The Church at .Com is

A Jesus Name Website  My goal in this site is to teach Gods word , “ Precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little and there a little.” Just as it reads in Isa. 28:10, 
without all the unscriptural bondage!

Many christians tell me, and I too have found, it is a challenge to find a site or a church that listens to the apostles teaching when building their foundation of doctrines. If any of my teaching stray from the teaching of the first 12 apostles, I want your help to stear me back onto the right road.  I want to grow with this site. God bless you as you read and study Gods' word with me. Bro. Forman

Against us no more!

Nailed to the cross!

Welcome to :
This is “The Church At .Com” web site. A simple site to carry a simple message. God gave us a plan.
Peter said we are like living stones, being built into a spiritural house.
I am so glad YOU found the church at . com. This site started out as a site to be read and used by members of a small church in Natchez Ms. The longer it runs the more we find it is a site usefull to all of the church where ever you are today. I have received mail and emails from many people who live in many places who are using this "simple site" to help them reach others with the "simple truth". God gave us a simple plan. Praise God! You are welcome to read and/or print any and all of the writings in this site to help yourselves and others. Truly this website is reaching the church. Welcome to these pages. Here is how it all got started.
I have so many love ones in the Natchez area that I wanted to reach about 10 yrs. back. Both me and my wife have family as well as friends that live in and around Natchez, and Woodville, Ms. We had a home in Rayville, close to Monroe, La. back then. For many years we felt in our hearts that we would be starting a work in that area. We are so pleased that God in His wisdom had, at that time in our lives, brought about a door to be opened for us to minister, for a season, in Natchez. Things that were not in our plans came about and brought us to this area to work with glad hearts. We were there for a season to serve and love you. We got the word put out by this site that I was there to help you anyway just let me know. The time in that area was good. We saw a great move of God. Many of you from “the church at Natchez” area along with others have helped me in my on going search for the truths in God’s word. Along with reaching out to a lost and dying world my hearts desire is to see many of my brothers and sisters, in the Lord, from this area, who have left church, come back into the fold. My soul burns inside of me with a passion to spread the good news everywhere.
An Invitation to this website, in Jesus Name
My name is Edward Lloyd Forman Jr. You are welcome on this site! My hope is to reach out to all of “The Church”. My wife and I want this simple website to be a place where all people from all walks of life will be welcome. Our goal is for all of the believers to truly love God and our fellow man. We welcome all races, all cultures, and all nationalities to come into this site with hope of finding bible answers to your questions. We ask you to read and experience the moving of the Holy Ghost with us in this work.
The bible will always be the rule and plan. As a bible believing minister, all things will be tried by
Isa.28:10 “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little, and there a little:”

When asked, “Why did you name your church, The Church at Natchez. I answered: We chose The Church At Natchez for a name, because of the location of the ministry. A quick glance at the scriptures would reveal Jesus addressed the Churches that were in Asia. Each one of these seven was called the church at that location. Many times the apostles addressed churches at someones house as well as letters that were written to churches named by the city or home they were in. Why would it seem strange to say the church at any location instead of Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Presbyterian etc. when there is not one mention of any of these in all the entirety of 66 books of the bible? Only the church in or at a particular location is mentioned. For this reason now that we are back home, in north La., if a door opens to start a work here we could be called a name like, “The Church at Bayne Rd."  Our work will be called, the church at where ever the door opens! No matter where christians gather in the confines of the area, they truly are "The Church at" and are welcome to enjoy the ministry at the location.
When I use to travel with my job I always had some of my writings with me. I have passed out many pages and booklets all over the world. Just to know that these words are out there and helping people with their walks makes me feel blessed. I was so happy, years ago, when a young member of “the church at Monte Durado,“ Brazil, asked for my blessings on him to translate some of my studies into Portuguese for the people there in a remote part of the Amazon jungle. I hope other members of “the church” have found and used and keep using all of the copies I’ve left in different cities and countries.
In July 2007 i visited India (all of the people I visited in India had found Jesus name baptizing for the remission of their sins from this simple website .... that is exciting. One couple emailed me that they are reaching to 18 villages with this truth)
Some of you have already heard me preach many of these things you will find in this site. Others of you already have copies of some of my booklets. It will please me if you tell others about this simple site so they too can share these pages to help someone. If you print out all or part of it to use or share, I only ask that you include my name phone # and email address in them. I do like to hear from readers. These words are mostly just compiled scriptures and as you know God sent His written word to the whole church. My goal is to serve my home area and the world with this little website.
I have searched out the topics I have written about, line upon line through out the Holy scriptures. I have applied,
Isa. 28:10 which reads, “For precept must be upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little and there a little:”
I can not write or say this verse enough. If all ministers studied and applied Isa. 28:10 all ministers would all agree with the first 12 apostles!
I want this site to be a place where “the Church” can come at all hours of the day or night for help in our daily lives. Building a site or even using the computer is not something that my wife and I know much about. We are learning as we build. We grow when we share. I want to always be open to the written word of God.
“The Church at .Com”, just like “the church” anywhere, has been serving others all along. It is God’s people that have stood shoulder to shoulder all over this world in town meetings, on the job and in the market place. More importantly, they stood alone in their quiet times and with their families, in their homes. They kept their faith and beliefs always in the forefront. These believers have shown us we too can be faithful and run a good race. I feel that some of the many blessings we have today are because of the prayers and faith someone before us held on to. These saints have gone on but, their prayers have been and will be with us always, even until the return of Christ for all of  “the church.”
 No one is perfect. God’s own word tells us, “we have all sinned…” Nor do I want to promote or put down on any denomination or special group. We saw our sins and knew we needed a redeemer to cleans us and make us whole. My aim is to reach out to all of “the church” present and future. As a child and/or servant of God, you know who you are. Not just any plan will save our souls or even meet the needs of our everyday lives.
God has a plan and He brought it to us.
It is the only plan were He gave account in His word that He saved 3000 souls! This plan is a more sure word of prophesy. I feel there are some people who have found, accepted and acted on that plan and became part of “the church” that are in all of the denominations. While other parts of “the Church” are in small home based groups. We even can find parts of “the Church” in no structural church at all. My hope is that all of you can be blessed by reading and sharing this web site.
the church is united behind the cross
'''' has been
My wish is for us all to grow in the knowledge of the written word. I want all of this site’s visitors to try as hard as my wife and I will to always be courteous as well as resourceful. We will try and uplift the word of God and, to uplift the GOD whose word it is, at all times. None of us ever should look down on or be rude to someone who does not see things just as you do. You have heard it said many times that Rome was not built in a day. Praise God, He has given and is still giving you and me a great space to grow in. My prayer is that we will always seek out His ways and never stop growing as long as He keeps us here on His earth.
This is the kind of site that you will not want to stop and take in everything all at once. Hopefully you will put it on your favorites list so you can return to it often to read different studies. Feel free to browse around and find the topic that most reaches out to you today. Then come back often as you wish and, if you see something that might help someone else please point them in. If you have comments or questions about what you read, or for more information or to schedule a meeting, contact me.
Thank you for visiting and we look forward to serving you.
Bro. Ed Forman
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